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Training Services

Our Popular Short Courses

Our Training Model

One of our core activities at Khomotayon Consulting is skills development, we offer individual and team training for public and corporate sectors, as well as community based organizations, profit and non-profit.

Our Training Model


Our corporate training programs are specifically designed to equip participants with up-to-date and practical knowledge and skills that are in line with modern changes and developments facing organisations.The thrust of our corporate training programs is for employees to respond appropriately to the changing demands of their duties and responsibilities.


We subscribe to the modern and growing perspective that in a knowledge based global economy, only employees who are equipped with relevant and up-to-date knowledge, skills and appropriate behavioural aptitudes, help their organisations to respond appropriately to changing socio-economic,legal and demographic environment.It is from this perspective that we continue to trace new trends in the professional areas that we specialise in with the view to always remain on top of the situation and add value to organisations.

  • Leadership & Management Training
    This course is designed to mould and prepare trainees for senior leadership and management roles in any type of organisation; its core modules include the following Emotional Intelligence Leadership & Management Development Managing Risk in Public Sector Organisations Managing Organisational Change Corporate Governance in Public Sector Organisations
  • Finance Training
    This Training is designed for officials responsible for formulating, managing and supervising budgets whether it is public sector, private corporates or non-profit entities. This training equips participants to apply modern techniques and practices that enable them to manage financial resources effectively and efficiently for sustainable organisational growth; it's core modules include the following Financial Management & Budgeting Finance For Non -Finance Managers Credit Control and Debt Management Advanced Financial Management in Public Sector Organisations Advanced Spread Sheet Processing Economics For Managers
  • Adminstration Training
    The role of front office personnel, secretaries, personal assistants and office managers has transformed over the years calling for acquisition of modern office management skills to give optimum support services to other organisational functionaries. The training exposes participants to modern office practice and computer skills in order to effectively and efficiently deliver results. It's core modules include the following Office Administration & Computer Skills Electronic Records & Information Management Professional Development For Secretaries Records & Registry Management
  • Supply Chain and Logistics Training
    This short course imparts skills and knowledge of integrated appreciation of the significance and value to an organisation of a well-managed and integrated inventory and asset management system. It's core modules include the following Inventory & Asset Management Best Practices in Procurement Combating Risk & Fraud in Procurement Transport & Logistics Management
  • Human Resource Management and Development Training
    ‘Effective and efficient management of any organisation’s key resource (human) may well become the single most source of competitive advantage’; research has shown. This course aims at exposing participants to the application of modern best practices in the management of an organisation’s human capital for the attainment of competitive advantage. It's core modules include the following Human Resource Best Practices in Public Sector Organisations Executive Skills in Human Resource Management Organisational Development Talent Audit and Learning Needs Analysis Payrol & Employment Returns Administration Industrial Relations and Collective Bargaining Human Resource Information System Functions of Workers & Works Council Committees Interpretation and Application of Employment Code of Conduct
  • Customer Relationship Management
    Public relations play a pivotal role in achieving business growth and sustainability. The thrust of this course is to impart skills and knowledge necessary for organisational employees to meet customer and other stakeholder needs. It's core modules include the following Public Relations Customer Service Management
  • Project Management Training
    Project Management skills are becoming more and more essential literally for all people engaged in community development work and those involved in implementing business projects. This training equips participants with essential project management skills to enable them to design, implement, monitor and evaluate performance of projects of various types. Project Management Training For Transformation Entrepreneurship Training Gender Mainstreaming Conflict Management and Transformation
  • Customised Programs
    We recognize that organizational needs are not a straight jacket. Each organization’s has unique needs hence, we also offer customized training programmes that meet specific organisational needs. These may fall within the six broad areas highlighted above and others. ​ NOTE: All our training programmes are co-designed and certified by Silveira House Oasis Commercial School, dully registered with The Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology Development.
Training References

Training References, Research References, Organisational Development References

Government of Botswana,

Ministry of Finance and Economic Development


Provided training in office management/administration and computer skills, electronic records management, financial management and budgeting, human resources best practices in public sector organisations, organizational development and performance management, leadership skills, Emotional Intelligence, customer service, among many others from 2017 to date. 

Reference Contacts:

Senwelo Sefawe - HR & Admin Officer

Accountant General Department-Ministry of Finance and Economic Development

Tel: +267 71402176


The Salvation Army International-United Kingdom

Provided training in Safeguarding

Reference Contacts:

Stanford Muzavazi-Community Engagement Strategist         

The Salvation Army International Headquarters

101 Queen Victoria Street, London EC4V 4EH


Tel: +44 (0)20 7332 EXT 28799

Cell: +447426429987


First Mutual Holdings Limited

First Mutual Park,100 Borrowdale Road, Harare, Zimbabwe


Provided training in Customer Service, facilitated a Supervisory Development Programme.

Reference Contacts:

Organisational Development Consultant
First Mutual Holdings Limited
Tel: +263 (4) 886000 - 17 
Cell: 263 773 618 500 

Methodist Church in Zimbabwe


Provided training in Communication Skills

Reference Contacts:

Ethel Joy Ngwenya-Human Resources Officer
17 Selous Avenue, Harare, Zimbabwe
Tel: +263 242 250523
Cell: +263 772673206

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